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All Photography is Copyright Keth Luke 2014  Transformational PhotoGraphics   1-727-842-6788, vm 1-252-DrLight

  by PhotoGrapher Keth Luke, Master of Light

Tampa Bay FL & Louisville KY PhotoGraphy Services from the Heart:  People & Pet Natural Portraits, Model Portfolios, Special Events PhotoGraphy, Boudoir, Glamour, Promotions, Art, Jewery, Products, Advertising, Travel, Business, Musicians, Dance, Non-Profits, Sports, Talent, Families, Weddings, Brochures, Horses and the Internet. Over twenty five years experience.

For the Heart felt Light Sights of your Life and for your Business call us 727-842-6788, 252-DrLight, cell 727-457-1229,

Have been Professional PhotoGraphers and Artists for well over twenty five years and had PhotoGraphy Studio's in East Lansing, Birmingham & Rochester Hills, MI, Maui HI and now in NorthTampa Bay area Gulf Coast FL and Louisville KY Highlands area.

Worked for many Corporations, Businesses, Agencies, Televison and Radio Stations, professional Musicians and exhibited my PhotoGraphy at Art Shows and Galleries around the country for 16 years ...

Keth is a Viet Nam Army War Veteran... Studied: Electrical Engineering at Lawerence Technical University and Michigan State University; Design and Photography at MSU, San Francisco State and the University of Hawaii. Keth stared working with a Professional Wedding and Portrait Photographer when he was only 15 years old.

Keth's partner Angelic Astrologer, professional Model and Photographer Jan Carter helps with the PhotoGraphy, Healing & Counseling. Higher Service Dog: DrLight2 helps with the Therapy Dog Work, Light Work and play.

As a Professional Photographer (Light Painter) Keth (Terry Luke) worked in the Media photographing for many organizations including: ABC, NBC, Ford Motor Co, General Motors, Newsweek, EDS, Kelly Services, Harley Davidson, WJBK TV-2, WDIV TV-4, WXYZ TV-7, Maritz Communications, Robert Soloman & Assoc Advertising, Berline Group, Mars Advertising. Sound Suite Studios, Capital Records, Ampex Corp, Cable News Network, NET TV, Detroit News, UPI, Michigan State University, Michigan Bell, Little Caesars, Michigan Board of Education, OCC Gakland Comunity Collage, Oakland County Bar Association, Legal News, Mix Magazine, Bob Seger Musician, Mix Magazine, Joe Lewis Arena, Clark Equipment, Borg Warner Corp, Hospice, Westinghouse, Carnegie Institute, Detroit Producers Assoc, NATAS, National Association of Television Arts and Sciences...

Get great Images of YoursSelf, Pet, Family, Event, Business, Models … http:/ , 727-842-6788

Am willing to PhotoGraph and offer suggestion's and guidance to aspiring Models from the Photographers point of view as I have worked with hundreds of models over many years. See my PhotoGraphic slide Shows...

Am now Looking for Goddess Themed Models for a new Portfolio and Art work...if you're in or traveling by the Tampa Bay / upper Gulf Coast Florida area get in touch... 727-842-6788 , Keth @SoundLight. org

I work with Light in many ways. I am also an Etheric Surgeon, Master Certified Spiritual / Energy Healer and offer offer Advanced Awakening and Healing Energy Work for you... Get a Divine Tune-Up... " It can help with with physical, mental and emotional challenges.. Had a Healing Sanctury in Maui Hawaii...

Alternative Energy Healing and Etheric Surgery for Pets and People in Person and by Phone Worldwide... PhotoGraphy by Keth Luke and Jan Carter: Special Events PhotoGraphy, People and Pet Portraits, Model Portflios, Glamour, Animals, Publications, Products, Business, Advertising and unique Weddings... 727-842-6788, 252-DrLight ... 252-375-4448 vm